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De Slag om Grolle

Come to the center of Groenlo on 21, 22 and/or 23 October.

Groenlo welcomes you in 1627!

Since 2005, the town of Groenlo in the Netherlands has a special event: the Battle of Grolle, as the place was formerly called. Every two years, the inhabitants put on their 17th-century clothes to celebrate and reenact the siege from 1627.

About 1500 re-enactors from all over Europe come as musketeer, pikeman or camp follower to the battlefield, which can still be found just outside the city moat. Groenlo is now known to them as the 're-enactment capital of Europe', because almost nowhere is a historical event from the Eighty Years War so strikingly portrayed. It concerns the siege and capture by Frederik Hendrik (descendant of William of Orange) of the strong city occupied by Spanish troops.

The image of the old city center is also becoming more and more lively due to the participation of groups of inhabitants: it is teeming with traders, craftsmen and musicians. In short, a history lesson that comes to life and that everyone can witness!

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