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De Slag om Grolle

An event where Groenlo returns to 1672 for three days.

Welcome in 1627!

The Spanish flag waves on top of the church tower in Grolle. In the streets, children are playing children’s games, merchants are haggling about the price of their goods, pigs are roasted on a spit. Everything just seems to be peaceful… until the message arrives that the State army, under command of Prince Frederik Hendrik, is approaching. Horses are galloping across the firing range. Canons are roaring, muskets are fired, and the re-enactors go to battle.

Grolle is under siege!

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Bigstocklots.com x Slag om Grolle

Bigstocklots.com & the organization of Slag om Grolle are working together. By setting up an action, they hope to attract more viewers from outside of Groenlo. The action reads as follows:

You get 2 free tickets with a minimum spend of €400,- at Bigstocklots.com!

Are you still in need of new stock & would you like to go back to the 1627 years in Groenlo during 'de Slag om Grolle' on 21, 22 or 23 October? Then hurry to our webshop or visit us in our Cash & Carry and take advantage of this promotion!

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